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Welcome to Denver CPR.
Our goal is to provide  high quality education to people of all ages. CPR, AED and First Aid training are becoming more necessary every day. If you've ever been eating at a restaurant when someone started choking, or witnessed someone having a heart attack, you know how scary it can be for everyone involved.  Situations like this occur every day.  Being trained in CPR and First Aid could make all the difference! Whether you need a certification for a job or volunteer position, or just want to learn CPR so you can help in an emergency, we at Denver CPR are dedicated to providing you with the most valuable and efficient form of education available.
Why Choose Denver CPR?
All of our instructors are highly qualified working Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs or First Responders.  We have all performed CPR and First Aid in real life situations, and in fact, do it for a living. Wouldn't you rather have your CPR/First Aid training taught by someone who has performed these life saving skills in real world situations?

We also operate a little differently than other organizations in that we will come to you for your training session. All we need from you is adequate floor space to practice techniques, and a DVD player and TV for the instructional video portion.  We will travel anywhere in the Denver Metro area at no additional charge. If our services are required outside of the Denver Metro area, then a travel fee will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


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